La Palma

Discover La Palma

The overwhelming nature and the sunny beaches make La Palma an ideal destination for an active holiday with the possibility of being lazy at the same time.

How big is La Palma?

La Palma is the most north-westerly of the Canary Islands. La Palma is 42 kilometres long and 24 kilometres wide. The highest peak on the island is 2421 metres high.

Nature island

La Palma is an island of great contrasts and contradictions. The journey from the coast to the highest peak passes through five different climate zones.

While in the north-east the mountain slopes are humid by the trade winds, in the west the sun shines. Deep gorges criss-cross the lush north; the south is volcanic.

Through the heart of the erosion crater Caldera de Taburiente flows a clear stream towards the ocean. The gurgling white gold irrigates the fertile coastal plantations. The banana cultivation that brings work and prosperity, combined with the mild climate, make the Palmeros a gentle and contented people.

Two thirds of the total surface of La Palma is covered with forest, of which one third has the status of a protected nature reserve. The varied landscape in combination with the rural tranquillity makes La Palma a popular holiday destination for nature lovers.

And above all this, the Roque de los Muchachos stretches out as if it were trying to touch the sky. La Palma will continue to amaze you.

On the top of a volcano

The ocean around La Palma is 4 kilometres deep. The total area of the island above sea level is only 10% of the total volume. On La Palma you really live on top of a volcano.

How is the wetter on La Palma?

La Palma has a subtropical climate. The average temperature measured at the coast is 27 degrees in summer. In the winter the temperature fluctuates around 20 degrees. The seawater temperature drops to 19 degrees in February and rises to 24 degrees in summer.

La Palma is also called the island of eternal spring. The island has a subtropical climate and is at the same latitude as Kuwait, Florida and Western Sahara.

From the coast to an altitude of 200 metres, the temperature remains the same throughout the year, with small variations, and rarely drops below 20 degrees, even in the coldest months. In winter, snow may fall on the highest peak, the Roque de Los Muchachos, while you can enjoy a summer day on the beach.

How many people live on La Palma?

The island has about 87.000 inhabitants.

The inhabitants of La Palma are called Palmeros. Most Palmeros are employed in agriculture. Palmeros rarely speak a second language. Speaking a few words of Spanish will do wonders for winning over a Palmero.

The Palmero is sensitive, punctual and has a sense of humour. Palmeros like to relax with others and are then completely happy. Palmeros are original, melancholic and have a slight tendency to be overly afraid of illness.


There is no mass tourism on La Palma. You can shop in the shops where the Palmeros shop and you will also find Palmeros on the beaches and in the restaurants. You will get to know the real island life.

Islander among the islanders

In a rural holiday home with your own private garden and a veranda with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, you will be an islander among the islanders during your holiday.

The beaches on La Palma

According to the experts, the beaches on La Palma are not among the best in the world, but the atmosphere is very friendly and the sun shines as much as on all the other Canary Islands. It is even said of the beach at Tazacorte that nowhere else in Europe does the sun shine as much as here.

La Palma has more than fifteen beaches and coves, some of which can only be reached on foot.

La Palma forever

You wouldn’t be the first person to experience it: La Palma is a dream island where you would like to stay forever.

Discover the hidden treasures of La Palma!

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