About us Siepko & Marjan

La Palma is the place to be

We are Marjan and Siepko, we have two children together and have been living on La Palma since the year 2000. During our first holiday on La Palma we became so enthusiastic about the island that we decided to settle there.


We were fortunate enough to be able to start work immediately as a tour guide and hiking guide. Google was only a few years old and the website of Ocean View was immediately among the first ten search results. Ocean View was born.

We are still enthusiastic about La Palma and regularly go out to stroll around the island, for a dive in the ocean or to have a nice dinner in a restaurant at the coast while the sun is setting.

Contact us and enjoy the beautiful La Palma with its mild climate, the impressive nature, the cosy beaches and a comfortable holiday home with a view over the Atlantic Ocean.


Holiday on La Palma

Holidays on La Palma mean enjoying the beautiful views, walking in nature, the intense colours of the landscape, the clean air, the warmth of the sun, good food and the pleasant tingling after a refreshing dive in the ocean.


A decision is made in no time, but in retrospect you can say that it was quite a step to come to La Palma. A step I have not regretted for one minute. It is wonderful to live on La Palma.

Nature is beautiful and never boring, the ocean is nearby, the climate is sunny and mild and the people are very kind. I feel very happy here.


La Palma fascinated me from the very first moment. Friends showed me a three-dimensional map of the island.

In the middle of this map there was a deep crater with peaks over 2000 metres high, in the north-east a laurel forest with springs and waterfalls was visible, a spine of volcanic peaks divided the island into two parts. The destination of La Palma for the next holiday was fixed.

After this holiday, we returned to the Netherlands to quit our jobs and pack our things. Two weeks later we were living with our two children on La Palma.

The wonderful island La Palma

From the first day on La Palma we have been going out every week to enjoy the island.
The light, the colours of the sky, the vegetation, the people, the weather: La Palma never bores and never ceases to amaze and surprise us.

Guarantee the quality

Organising your holiday to La Palma is a big responsibility. For this reason, we have deliberately chosen to remain small, so that we can guarantee the quality which we would like to give you.


    Calle Taburiente 6,
    38750 El Paso,
    La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.
    e-mail: ln.thciznaaecoobfsctd@ofni

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